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Welcome to Studio Boutique SB55. Here, our team offers the best in hotel, event management, technical, and logistical services and provides clients with a highly personalized, welcoming, and professional venue for video shoots and custom virtual events. Designed with current needs in mind, SB55 is your solution for 2021.

We deliver the SIMPLICITY and FLEXIBILITY your project needs


Sophisticated hospitality

Located inside the magnificent Hôtel Place d’Armes in the heart of Old Montreal, SB55 offers unique and comprehensive services designed to meet the current needs of virtual event production. Our venue includes access to comfortable office spaces and meeting rooms, a concierge and valet service, parking, and a varied menu of meals and beverages—plus all the conveniences of a hotel renowned for its top-notch service.



More than a studio rental service, SB55 adopts a strategic, 360-degree approach, drawing on the experience and agility of our teams to review, rethink, and improve event management practices.



Studio Boutique SB55 combines the best of professional filming and media production studios. With an adaptable and versatile set, lightweight cutting-edge equipment, and a hybrid production setup for different types of projects, SB55 offers flexible technical solutions for live events, webcasts, shareholders’ meetings, and more.


Logistical assistance

Studio Boutique SB55 leverages its quality logistical resources to identify the needs and objectives of your event, manage unforeseen issues, provide coaching, and find the right solutions to your problems—all while complying with current social distancing and hygiene guidelines related to the pandemic. Our process is guided by attention to detail, flawless execution, and unwavering dedication to the success of your project.

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